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Chris Kuhlmann, Norwalk CT
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Chris Kuhlmann grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. His artistic talents were discovered early...on the cabinets, behind the books on the bookshelf, and of course all over daddy's bills. In order to help their son better explore his budding artistic nature they sent him to join the soccer team, where he engaged in many scholarly activities including: looking down at the grass as he ran over it, making rocket ship noises, engaging the opposing team members in intense conversations about video games and hiding from adults (an activity Chris still engages in with considerable skill and relish). During his studies at the Urban Academy of Underachieving, Chris exhibited tremendous skill in the art of the ballpoint pen (a tool similar to French silverpoint of the 17th century, with the only difference being that they have nothing in common), and frequently performing melodic rock ballads in the amphitheater under the stairs in the basement.

Chris' entire life was pointing him toward one goal consistently: becoming a criminal defense attorney. The two biggest influences which directed Chris away from his destiny and toward art were, one, being a terrible public speaker, and two, never being able to find a tie that looks good on him. Chris attended the Columbus College of Art and Design where he met some wonderful teachers and talented students who all thought he would be a great asset to the fast food industry. While flipping burgers was definitely his first passion and the pay was considerable better, a career in freelance illustration would allow him to sleep past noon on most days. Fortunately, Chris was spared the awful fate of late nights and breakfast at noon, by Melissa and Doug who hired him to goof off 10 hours a day, five days a week.

Chris currently lives in Connecticut with his beautiful wife, Brooke, who is his biggest fan, and hopes one day he will give up this art thing and follow his dream of distributing fliers for 2nd rate plays in Times Square, so she can move into New York and cut down on her commute time.